Valeria Paz

unnamed (1)


Dip. Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies
Dip. Transpersonal Counselling
Cert. ThetaHealing
BA(Prof. Writing) current
Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia
Australian Association for Holistic & Transpersonal Counsellors
About Valeria
My passion for this work lies in the quest for meaning-making and self-empowerment.
By exploring pain and discomfort we forge stronger and deeper connections to embodied living, paving the way to a higher, more creative calling.
These disciplines that I offer to you now have played a critical role in my own greater well being health and vitality in remarkable ways, and I have been fortunate enough to witness much change, growth and greater ease in those whom I have had the privilege to work with.
Vida Sana 
“Spanish for “life heals”,  “healthy life,” or “sane living”.
Vida Sana provides an integrated therapy service tailored to suit your individual needs. Offering a combination of Shiatsu, Chinese medicinal principles, and therapeutic tools including Transpersonal Psychology and energetic healing inspired from Indigenous wisdom traditions.

The combination of these therapies are a holistic service. Physical symptoms can be treated, pain can be alleviated and energetic patterns of thought, emotion and experience can be explored in a safe and sacred way.

Deeper self awareness, growth and empowerment are available with the proper tools. Patterns that creates energetic blocks  can be treated with this work.

• Chronic pain
• Stuck-ness in life
• Stress & anxiety
• Emotional, sleep or digestive disturbances
Valeria is available for one on one skype sessions with shiatsu therapies administered in Melbourne Victoria.
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