3 Week Plant Dieta 2015

Plant  Chuchuwassi

Ayurvedic Diagnosis – Rajovaha Srota Imbalance

Undertaking a strict diet with master plants, and really taking the opportunity to sit with the subtle wisdom of their teachings in a dedicated environment, is an opportunity rarely found anymore in this modern, hectic world. Fortunately, there are people still around who are prepared to facilitate these experiences for a modern audience, all the while carrying the teachings and wisdom of the elders who have passed.

My three-week experience at Ru Vedic was exactly what the doctor ordered (metaphorically speaking). I was very impressed with the care and detail to attention that was taken regarding my health history, practices and desired outcome, and this was before even arriving. It was not just my pathology that was welcomed in the door, it was my whole being, my spirit, my person hood and my own sovereignty.

Ru Vedic are to be commended and congratulated for their dedication to the restoration of ancient healing practices, for their kind and accommodating nature, for their commitment to help facilitate such important work, and for their willingness to share and teach.

The ways in which my life has changed as a result of this experience have only just begun to unfold, but they are already marked in their significance. My relationship to food, my body, my femininity, the world around me and to the capacity for greater wellness, are all areas where I am experiencing expansion and ease and I know I have Ru Vedic to thank for that next important step.

From the bottom of my heart, I am immeasurably grateful for the important roles they both took in my experience, and I am moved and inspired by their work. I would highly recommend this work to those whom have a deep passion for the path of the plants, who are serious about their healing and feel a commitment to the process.

– V. Paz 16/01/2015


Summer Two Week Dieta

Plant – Australian Ginger

Ayurvedic Analysis – Aggravated Vata.

Treatment – Tobacco purgation, Daily Abhyanga Massage with sesame seed and Ayurvedic Herbs, Daily administration of ginger juice, Pasunga application (Shamanic perfume), Vata pacifying meals, Swedana Sweat baths using heating plants for the removal of dampness within the skeletal system and herbs such as thyme cinnamon and basil for psychic protection, Ritualized shamanic ‘Limpia’s’ for spiritual cleansing and protection. 

I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to spend 2 weeks with Ru Vedic on a tailored, one on one dieta.  Such a deep healing experience and a rare gift they are offering, by combining two powerful healing modalities with focused attention on my specific health issues.  I felt so safe and nurtured during the experience and received deep healings on many levels, profound insights and left with a heightened sense of clarity, peace and strength. Ru Vedic are very open, gentle and humble presence and vast knowledge and experience of plant medicines assured me this was the ‘real deal’. Thanks to Dan, I have a whole new appreciation and respect for Ayurvedic medicine and it’s relationship to the use of plant ‘dieta’s’ to remove toxins from the body, mind and spirit through this unique approach.  I wholeheartedly recommend this 2 week dieta to anyone who is ready for deepening their connection to plant medicines, spirit and…themselves!

Laya Roch 25/01/2014


Peru Deeper Work/Online consultation

The staff at Ru Vedic were incredibly knowledgeable and gave me many tools to pursue my path of personal healing. They truly care about helping people improve their lives and I feel this comes from a great desire to see a healthier, more conscious and peaceful humanity and planet Earth. They were very prompt and attentive to answering all of my questions and to refer me to other specialists and therapists when necessary. I am excited to see what the future holds for this growing community of healers!

Great people doing amazing work! Thank you!
– D. Myers 28/11/2014


Lifestyle Consultation and Shukra strota Alignment

Ru Vedic has helped me a lot throughout the last few yrs. I feel that having these specific approaches specifically over the past 3 yrs have taken me further into a state of physical and spiritual homeostasis I have ever felt before. Dan has a passion for seeing people become the best they can be. Through his Ayurvedic guidance I have reached a level of health I hadn’t experienced since childhood and minor ailments I thought I had to learn to live with have disappeared altogether. He walks the talk and is one of the most diligent and dedicated person I know. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him, thanks Dan

Matthew Mckinley 2/12/2012






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