Mission Statement

Ru Vedic is here to help you help yourself- Pretty simple really

As we rush to acquire what we desire in this life, sometimes we leave ourselves behind- now is the time to reclaim our lives.

We created this space to help people be informed enough to help find themselves again and bring them to a state of wellbeing they haven’t felt since there youth. Our healers are available on call whenever you need assistance to implement what we have provided in our articles or for more one on one help via email, skype or in person depending on where you are and what treatment you need. Currently we have kin in Brisbane, Noosa, Melbourne and the mid north coast of NSW to help. You may see that we are currently based in Australia but soon we will have people in the UK and the United States to help also. We hope what we have on offer enables you to feel nurtured and reborn and we hope to hear from anyone who wishes to enquire about our treatments or retreats.

If you have a particular skill you feel you would like to share come join us and be part of the network here at RuVedic.



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