Jiveny Blair-West

ruvedic jiveny

Jiveny is a passionate yoga teacher with over six years of experience in yoga. She teaches a dynamic fusion of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and the Bikram posture series, aimed at bringing her students into alignment with their bodies and healing the spine with therapeutic back-bending and complimentary breathing practices.  

Since completing over 700hrs of teacher training in both India and Australia, Jiveny has been teaching both private and group lessons around the world and continues to deepen her understanding of yoga by surrounding herself with strong mentors. For her, learning never stops – especially when there is passion involved. 

“For me, my yoga practice is a metaphor for life. As my body strengthens and becomes more flexible, so does my mind. Through yoga I’ve come to realise my true potential. I couldn’t touch my toes when I started – now I can (and much more), which proves to me that I can actually do things that I once thought I couldn’t. All it takes is an investment of time and focus – and that in itself is an invaluable life lesson.”

Jiveny is also available for coaching and mentoring sessions as she travels around the world (online and in person). To find out when she will be in your part of the world, follow her on facebook or sign up for her newsletter at yoga.jiveny.com”

Jiveny did a delightly brief interview for Ru Vedic click here to hear what she has to say.

Also you can contact Jiveny about Private classes through the form below.


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