Epistemological pluralism. A Rationalistic view of the Garden of Eden – As a state not a place.


What if the Garden of Eden wasn’t on this earth but a state of purity in God’s mind? Dr Robert Svoboda author of the Agora trilogy once said ‘God created us to reflect upon himself as there are no mirrors in the universe’

In Ayurvedic philosophy there are three aspects (Gunas) to our state of mind. These govern our emotions, motive, thoughts and desire. If we have a clear pure mind this is termed as ‘Sattvic’ in nature. If we have a contemplative driven mind this is seen as Rajastic and if we have a dull stagnant cloudy mind this is seen as Tamasic. In the Bible there is a passage that states we are all made in Gods image therefore – God is not exempt to these 3 states of being. The interplay of these Guna’s defines the character of someone or something, of nature and determines the progress or lack thereof of life.


Over the past few years I have been researching and digging deep into the well of being too try and understand why is it that we exist on this plane and the Buddhist first noble truth sums this up as – Life Is Suffering. Within this school of thought there is 3 modes of suffering. 1. Suffering of suffering: this refers to the most obvious aspects like pain, fear and mental distress. 2. Suffering of change: refers to the problems that change brings, like joy disappears, nothing stays, decay and death. 3. All-pervasive suffering: this is the most difficult to understand aspect, it refers to the fact that we always have the potential to suffer or can get into problematic situations. Even death is not a solution in Buddhist philosophy, as we will simply find ourselves being reborn in a different body, which will also experience problems!! So if this is so there must be a state of awareness that we must promote to be free from this aka enlightenment/Moksha. Our life’s purpose should be seen to create Compassion, Patience, Acceptance, Virtue and Wisdom. This is the true mind of God but what was the aspect of God that wanted him/us to feel life or suffering? In my life whenever I have suffered or been hurt either emotionally spiritually or physically is it because of desire. When desire comes from impatience or attachment dark things seem to manifest from this inability to accept things as they are; born out of the will to change something to suit our needs/desires. I believe that it is was this desire that brought us into this state but it’s our choice or rather non-attachment that will be our salvation.


In Ayurveda there is a ‘dualistic’ force that governs all of life these are Prakriti (male) and Purusha (female). These two are a fusion of the ‘one; and when married together bring the two states of mind Buddhi (Too know) and Ahankara (individualized ego consciousness, “I-maker”) these two cosmic forces make up all that we can perceive with our five senses and intuition. Ayurveda see’s these two life forces as the two aspects of the divine mind. The male aspect is said to be happy with stability and witnessing whilst the feminine nature yearns to explore, manifest (procreate) and nurture. This belief system is a little like the ‘nature-nurture’ debate that see’s there are two methods of learning which may be seen as the male and female aspect of knowing. At the centre of this debate are rationalists and empiricists. Rationalists argue that knowledge can be gained independent from sensory experience (nature – male). While empiricists argue that sensory experience is ultimately the source of all knowledge (nurture-female).  I believe this is the KEY to our evolution and allowing life too flourish as knowledge eliminates Ignorance which is the root of all suffering. I believe this is the 1st step we must undergo in order to awaken our divine mind and bring the Garden of Eden on this earth as the spark that awakened ‘man’ in the original sin myth was knowledge and the ability to be self-aware and recognising which way you learn is paramount.


A Yearn to Learn Will burn Without The Fire of Desire

Profound intelligence is that penetrating and pervading power to restore all things to its original harmony.


Normally there are 7 ways of learning or enabling absorption of knowledge and these are a combination of the empirical and the rationalist view. For instance – Visual (spatial): You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music. Verbal (linguistic): Words, both in speech and writing.Physical (kinesthetic):  Hands and sense of touch. Logical (mathematical): Reasoning and systems. Social (interpersonal): Learn in groups or with other people. Solitary (intrapersonal): Work alone and use self-study. These are what make us as humans gather and decipher information. The way we use this knowledge can be used for good or evil which come back to the 3 Guna’s (Sattvic- Tamasic- Rajastic).

As we have come so far as a human race with our rational thought and free will have governed the majority of what we have, though we also have had glimpses of the divine through many Sages, Saints and Yogis. Each one has something we all can achieve but have managed to attain this state to be in direct communion with God at all time. This begs me to believe that thought isn’t what governs our evolution but an essence that drips down into these beings purifying their thoughts and intentions rendering them open to the divine will.


In my view from specific meditation practices when one quietens there mind their ability to perceive changes, as it’s free from the shackles of identification and labelling etc. This is what I believe is the 1st step to having the Garden of Eden generate inside our own mind – Clear Mind = Patience = non attachment= Wisdom the highest form of knowledge.

 If we have a compassionate heart/mind we then in turn can benefit the biosphere and bring warmth from God to the Mother – Prakriti . If we are not to aid this world by building these core developments (patience virtue wisdom) we will in turn damage our world and ourselves in the process and given what the empirical side of the nature nurture ideal says we are governed by what we see therefore we must see love to know love to show love and to share love.

In closing we have been somewhat cursed and blessed by this incarnation and we are the light of Gods eye; our role/responsibility/duty in this lifetime is to promote this sattvic/God state mind so this can nourish and help the two aspects of God come back into union.

I am still intrigued though as to what was the intention regarding God’s manifestation into this physical plane? As he is defined as Omnipotent (Unlimited power) Omni-present (Present everywhere at the same time) Omniscient (knows all) if this is truly so – What has he got to learn? And why is it that Mother Nature secretes entheogenic plants to help us commune with God? Is this a longing for them to come back to a whole again?

Are we the ones they have been waiting for?


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