Are you Vedic?

OJA’S – The essence of good health.

Here is the first installment of a series of uploads that will cover the basics of Ayurveda. This talk was given to me in Pune while studying under the guidance of the fabulous Neelesh Teware. This initial conversation touches on our Oja’s and how to cultivate these is everyday life.


Understanding Ojas is the first step in understanding how we can truly regenerate our physical bodies with the end result being Strength, a Pure Sattvic Mind and Absolute Immunity. Utilizing this information to bring us back into harmony and true health is what Ayurveda has to offer the world.

Dr Teware is an amazing humble teacher and is available for one on one classes in his home town of Pune. I personally recommend taking the plunge and immersing yourself in the beauty that is Home cooked meals, Unique insightful teachings and of course India’s crazy but beautiful atmosphere.

This has been unedited but really shows the beauty of studying face to face in India.

Enjoy, Dan 

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